Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Reading...and Thinking

Welcome, Seniors, to the Learning Edge Blog.  This is where you will comment on your summer reading for any of your classes, but most specifically for your Senior Seminar class and for your World Geography II class.  Tim and I will be reading and responding to your responses throughout the summer. You have received more detailed instructions from Tim and me via snail mail.  Here are the basic instructions for SSSR2011 (Senior Seminar Summer Reading 2011):

* Explore some of your "big ideas" for your project.
* Read and respond to posts meant to spark your imagination and prod your thinking about your project. The more you participate here, the better you should be prepared to launch your project in August!
* React to your reading of Drive as you go -- in other words, the beginning, middle, and end.  In particular, reflect on how Daniel Pink's book affects your thinking about your project. 

Be open and honest about your thinking.  Try to see where your brainstorming and reflections can take you.  Don't worry if your thoughts are incomplete or if you change your mind.  This is part of being transparent about your process, something that will be key to your learning throughout the year as you take the steps to make your project happen!  Be sure to document any sources you use, provide links if available, include pictures, drawings, videos -- anything you find helpful or that your create (only Creative Commons work, please), and give credit for these. Tag your responses: your first name, your topic(s), the name of the book you are writing about (Drive or Guns, Germs, and Steel, etc.), and SSSR2-11, if it's for the Senior Seminar.

I look forward to reading your posts!

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