Monday, June 13, 2011

Not an Average Kid

It is crazy how soon the year flew right in front of me. I feel accomplished and definetly ready to start my senior year with a kick. I am going to enjoy my last Chinquapin summer, but I'm also going to be busy working on my senior project. I want to make sure my senior project is a success and that means putting in time.

I asked a lot of seniors, how they picked their project. I got a lot of differnt answers, but the most common was that they picked something they loved. Likewise, I'm planning on writing a book. Not to be concieded but it will be my story. I feel as if people should know that even though bad things happen to them life isn't over, and we can succeed. My life wasn't easy of course it also wasn't the worst, but I want to tell my story. I know Tito tried writing a self help book, but all he got done was the intro. I can't judge becuase I have not seen or read this intro, but I expect that it must have been long.

I am going to start video recording all my thoughts on my phone. I heard that a big issue the seniors had was not keeping record of their research. I want to make sure I know and remember what I was thinking. I am going to start writing my book fairly soon. So far my plan was to write a page every day of the summer, but without a working computer at home that has been an absolute drag.

The book is one half of what I plan to do. I know that getting a book published may seem impossible but one never knows. But I want to have an impact on my home, Chinquapin, as well. I am planning on making a Mosaic Mural with the help of the MOCAH Center (here's the company's website if you want to look into them). I personally know the founder and director of MOCAH and am going to see if he can help in the making of my Mural. I met him when I was constructing the sacred site quest mural. I will make a sketch of my mural this summer and hopefully start the process before school starts. First I have to have a meeting with MOCAH and my mentor's to discuss the funding and possiblity of this becoming a reality.

I also discussed this with a lot of seniors, but their talks weren't very promising. Most simply told me that it is very difficult to sit down in the summer and start my senior project. Of course, they only said this being completely honest. But to let them know, I honestly believe I can do this. I'm not the average kid and when I set a goal I accomplish it, if there isn't some force that I can't control in my way.


  1. Thanks for being the first to post, Eduardo, Let's try to light a fire under the rest of the seniors and get them online too!

    You have two big ideas here. Take some time to flesh out both. Why a mural? Why a book? What is it that you want to express?

    My initial response is to caution you not to rush this. Take the time to make it right.

    Is this picture from the Sacred Sites Quest? Explain and link?

    How does your thinking about your project relate to your reading of Drive by Daniel Pink? Who did you talk to, and how did this affect your planning?

    I am happy to know you are charged up about the project. Let's take some time to nail it down.

  2. Hello Eduardo.
    I like the ideas that you have posted up and the reasons for them. You want to write a book to give advice to others, and you want to make a mural just for the school. Like Susan said in her comment, these are two big projects that you are planning to complete. A lot of planning goes into both of these ideas, and you still need to find out if these ideas will work out in the long run. It would be terrible if you planned on doing these projects, and they didn’t work out half way through the year. Also, you are going to have a lot on your plate this year with everything that you are involved in and with college applications. I don’t want to sound like a “Negative Nancy”, but my recommendation for you is to pick one of these ideas and fully develop it, and make sure you’ve worked out every detail.

    Remember that I am here as a classmate and a friend to help you out with any problems you might encounter.

  3. Eduardo i love the fact that you want to record your thoughts because this will help you see how successful you been getting on your senior year. The book I think will be a challenging part because writing a book just takes a lot of time. I know that a good student and I would recommend for you to plan out, and give yourself some deadlines. I like videos and it will be fun to see some of your videos and successes. I like your ideas because they kind of give an idea of how serious this project really is. Other than writing the book I think you be fine doing your project and it will be great if you get a book done since writing a book is not an easy. I know if you get everything done you will be creating a big impact since your ideas and extremely interesting and big. Good luck and if you have any questions ask me.

  4. Sorry for my very late response to your comments, but thank you for taking the time to actually comment. I know and understand that what I want to do will not be quick nor will it be easy, but it is something I am passionate about and truly feel I will be able to accomplish. Thank you for your concern, I understand and appreciate it. However, even so I think I will be pushing myself to do both.
    I want to explore art. Being something that I lack innate talent at, I want to learn it, to grow with it. Being part of the Sacred Sites Quest gave me the opportunity, to truly see the positive effects art can have on culture, people, and communities. I've also always admired and been inspired by the mosaic mural by the science building. It is a symbol of beauty at our school. And I love it. I want to inspire future Chinquapinians, who may not get to know me, the same way that mural has always inspired me.
    On another note, the book is something that will be very personal to me. I've pondered a lot about the fact that I will be embarking on a very emotionally dangerous journey. I have been able to block out the bad memories of my childhood for most of my life. However, as I get older I have flashbacks of how bad things used to be. And honestly I want to do it for my own peace of mind. Having all those memories bottled in my head is not good. And I need this to help me cope with myself. This is something I'm doing completely for me.