Thursday, June 17, 2010

my beginning thoughts on Drive

Well, I find that the book Drive is a pretty good book. Whoever hasn't started reading I suggest you start reading it. Its a pretty intersting book, it tells you alot of outside information about stuff which I find pretty cool because its information. Who doesn,t want to know stuff! Anyways its also helping me find that inner motivation I need to do the things that I want to do. Its helped me realize the thing that i want to do for my senior project, which i think it might be a long shot but im willing to try it out because it something i really want to do. It made me think about the things that i want to do and how I am going to get those things done and the determination I need to get it done. It a really good book! Like i said before if you havent started reading it i highly suggest you start. Dont just read it to read it. Take time and actually try to understand the things it says in the book because its all useful stuff!!


  1. Hey, thanks for being the first to take the plunge, Tito! I'm curious -- which part of DRIVE really spoke to you? Also, are you ready to tell us a little bit about what you think your project might be, or is it still percolating?

  2. Well what really got me was the whole" candle problem" and it just really opened up to me how not to just see things as they and to really think outside of the box in order to solve something or let alone do something. and my project was to write a book, but it wasnt really going to be a long one but I was going to write something that the whole school can read and it could help them with whatever it is they need help in life.

  3. I like this idea of writing a book. What kind of book? How will it help others? Could it embrace an audience beyond the school as well?